Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day I'll Remember Forever....

Soooo I got up the courage to finally go to my old Zumba class tonight. The one where I know almost everyone. See, I teach Zumba in the mornings and not very many get up early to go. I average 10-12. The one I went to tonight has more then 30 people. People that haven't seen me in 6 mths. I was sooooo scared to go. Knowing everyone would see I gained weight. And ALOT of it at that.

I walked in and everyone was really nice. Then I saw someone across the room that I know and she gave me a look. A look that made me want to run home. She practically ran across the gym and looked me in the eyes and said "what the hell happened to you!?! Why are you SO....puffy!? How much have you gained????" seeing that I was shocked, and embarrassed she added " I love you girl, but this is unacceptable. I'm honest. Because I care. Now what happened??" so I told her why I had gained weight. How I have been eating bad, not exercising and avoiding the gym. She hugged me and said "we all love you and support you and glad you are back. Now let's get rid of this puffiness!!!" I had to smile. She was the first friend that had been honest with me. Most of the people I know say, oh you dont look like you gained. Or, you still look great. But she was the first to say "DAMN!!!! What happened???!" I actually needed that. I needed to know that others DO see my "puffiness". That I look horribly overweight and I HAVE lost my way.

She hurt my feelings at first and I swear I was going to cry right there in the middle of the gym, but I quickly realized she cares enough to hold me accountable for my actions and to make sure I become healthy again. I'll never forget this day.

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  1. You're very lucky April. A real friend always still there to help you, to give you a hand for support, to send your "puffiness" to the past. So don't look back and go. Make this pretty face, smiles again!