Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sooooooo I posted a YouTube video,about a week ago, but I'll update here too. :-)I am doing the new ww program. I figure since I work for them then I should do the new program. It's actually going quite well! It is becoming alot easier. As long as i take time to cook. Lol I'm just so excited to be where I'm at in my life. As of July 12th I have maintained over 100 lbs lost for a whole year!!!! Im so happy to say that. Even Though I am not at my personal goal I am doing amazing at keeping the weight off, even if it is hard some days. I know I will always struggle, but it is so worth it. :-) So........ today something exciting happened today! I TAUGHT MY VERY FIRST ZUMBA CLASS!!!!!!! It was a whole hour and I made the routine for 7 of the 15 songs. I was so nervous. I was asked to sub on Friday. I practiced all day for 3 days. So worth it. It was such a awesome experience. I'll be( hopefully) getting zumba certified on September 24 th. That is if I can find a way to pay for it. Anyway.... there's my update!!!
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