About Me

I am a weight watchers follower since August 31, 2009..LOVE IT!
Ive LOST: 113.6 lbs
& 66inches
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I have always had some sort of issue with my weight. I had my moments when i was growing up. Slightly chubby one year than just fine the next. It wasnt til I turned 17 that i started REALLY gaining. I had a seizure and was put on meds. I gained alot of weight. About 50 lbs. I got very depressed that year. Lots of reasons. I was put on medication for that too, gaining another 60 lbs. I was 115 lbs over weight when i met my future husband at 18 yrs old. I than tried desperately to lose weight. When I was almost 20 my boyfriend proposed. I accepted and decided I NEEDED to lose weight before the wedding. That was not that far away. So I stopped eating. I drank diet coke, and a boiled egg a day. I lost 55 lbs in just a couple mths. We got married and i was 50 lbs over weight. And happier than I have been in a long time.
Being married was very shocking. And i got comfortable eating. I gained 30 lbs in 4 mths. And at that time i got pregnant. During my pregnancy I ate and ate and ate!! Gaining 67 lbs!!! So once again I crashed dieted. I stopped eating, and when i did it was ff/sf jello or pudding and rice cakes. I lost alot, maybe 50 lbs and got greedy. I wanted the weight off FASTER!! So I began binging and purging. I lost 40 more lbs and got to my lowest while married. One night i was having issues purging and I got frantic. I had just eaten pizza!! So i took ipecac. I got so sick i thought I was going to die. i threw up for hours. It was than that i decided to stop being unhealthy. I gained back 40 lbs.
I got pregnant again in 2005 and ate fine. I gained 12 lbs. The weight from the pregnancy came off quickly. i stopped dieting and got pregnant again, (my third)in 2007. I gained 11 lbs. I lost that and 20 more lbs after him from breast feeding. I had gotten there in a healthy way. Doing weight watchers on and off. I got pregnant for the last time in 2008. I gained 39 lbs.After i had her about two mths later i decided to once again be HEALTHY. Im doing weight watchers and I go to the gym 6 days a week. I LOVE to work out now. My family is active and happy. :)
I have lost 113.4 lbs . I have 12-16 lbs to go........