Saturday, February 23, 2013

Well it's been awhile!!

Hey guys! It's been a while I haven't written in a long time and it's mostly because I haven't wanted to devote myself to losing weight. I know that sounds really bad but it's the truth. I've had a hard time lately. We have moved. We have moved from California to Utah where I am currently. I have been lonely and depressed and sad and friendless. I have eaten my feelings. I am stuck inside all day with my two youngest kids because of the cold and the snow. So I have eaten a lot of crap and watch a lot of TV and not done anything else. I am sad to look in the mirror and see the person that I have become now. The person that I used to be before i lost all my weight. I am up to 270 now and I haven't tried to actually lose weight for more than two days since we moved. I have been in a horrible funk.

But I have good news!!! I have finally decided to confront who are turned into!! We as a family have joined the gym and all last week I have gone almost every day. It's so nice to actually get out of the house and be active and it felt so good.
I will be starting weight watchers again and going to the gym and I will get this weight off I am determined now more than ever!!!


  1. Nice news April! I wish you the best for everything new in you (state, home, area, healthy plans, e.t.c.). Don't forget we love you as you are, with or without pounds!


  2. So sorry you are having to adapt to all the new changes in life! we all have been there and it suxs! Sounds like you adjusting and trying to find yourself again and you should be proud of that!! I look forward to hearing about your journey!! We are here for you thru the ups and downs!!!

  3. Remember I am in the Salt Lake area and would love to meet you in person. Maybe one day we could meet at the City Creek mall downtown and let the kids run around. They have a really cute dinosaur area in the food court that my 5 year old loves. Let me know on FB if you ever want to get together.

  4. I found your blog about the time you stopped writing and check it several times a week to see if you've posted. Today was my lucky day!!! I can't wait to follow along and offer encouragement. I'm a yo yo dieter and am at the top right now. I've been exercising for about a month now and watching what I eat. I've recently went through menopause and it seems to have stolen my ability to lose pounds, so hoping inches come off. I have a small, just started blog if you want to help each other out. I had breast cancer last year and it opened my eyes to a lot. It was my breast cancer blog, but now I'm writing about fitness, eating, etc. Hopefully I can encourage you too!!!


  5. Man can I relate. I can imagine how hard it is to get more comments on your video from when you loss the weight. You know when i first came across your 100lb loss video I just started yet a new journey but this time loss 50 lbs to put it all back on very quickly and the feeling of being ashamed can be so overwhelming. Ive been literally avoiding certain stores and people going down different isles just because i dont want them to see that i put it back on because of going back to binge eating and BAD but i kinda wrote a 30 healthy note to God and signed it and decided i wanted to be as healthy as i can for my birthday next month and the last 3 days have been the best 3 days in over 8 months. don't feel weird posting videos or blogs. it has to click for you. i do use the scale every day... it is a habit :) however i finally got to a point were i just need to be healthy and not think about how much i needed to loose (of course it goes hand in hand) but when if finally re clicks for you, let it be about wanting to feel healthier rather than the numbers. and as far as being ashamed God to remove that and replace with peace about yourself. ps 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I had to start asking God to help me see me as he does and get out of the bondage of being embarrassed and ashamed. when you walk threw those doors...God can help you to!
    take care
    i know you get a bunch of comments and most likely don't know what to say..and that's ok even were you are they still inspire others. start up only if you ever want to!

  6. I meant to write a 30 day healthy commitment.

    actually its no soda, no white bread, no pizza unless a healthy version. a min of 20 min activity daily and no eating after 8. I found awesome brown rice tortilla wraps from food for life and they are low glycemec and better than white rice and they are fantastic i cut up chicken and saute w/ little olive oil w/ lt italian dressing with cut up broc, carrots, onions, peppers, till cooked and top with tomato and there is so much flavor it really holds me over ..its huge and only 5-6 pts and will not trigger you!! its been a blessing to find something eat healthy yummy and not trigger my binge!

  7. I have been watching your videos. (I'm in WW and have been a life long binge eater. I have 40 more lbs to lose. I have lost 45.) When I first saw your channel, I saw the a video about a new channel and also describing how you've gained weight back. I was wondering if you took off your new channel and how you are doing, now. Our WW leader had a similar experience in that she had a lifetime membership to WW and regained all her weight back. She went back to WW determined it was the last time, lost weight, and got another lifetime membership. It happens, and you're not alone. Anyway, I was just wondering how you are doing and hope you will update no matter the place you are at,now.

  8. Yay! You updated on youtube. So glad to see you and hope you will continue. :)