Friday, October 28, 2011

UPDATE!!!!! OCTOBER 28, 2011

Yessss... Your reading this right. Im updating!! I cannot believe Its been since JULY since I have updated.  I accidently clicked on my blog and instead of closing the page...I decided to update it real quick. You, few but faith ful, deserve to know how i am. LOL

Sooooo lets see.... In July I had mentioned I was hoping to get Zumba certified in September. On September 19, 2011 I GOT ZUMBA CERTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a amazing day!! I did my training at 24 hr fitness in Santa Barbra and it was a all day event. I met lots of really cool people who, some of them, I still talk to on facebook. I think I smiled ALL day. Best day in a LONG time.

After I got certified as a Zumba instructor I started working at the YMCA. I teach my OWN Zumba class on Wednesdays!!! I LOVE IT!!! It is my favorite job! (besides being a mommy!)

I have also been working for weight watchers, which i have mentioned. :) Still working there and liking it. :)

I have had some hair changes, LOL I have had pink hair... and now currently black WHICH I LOVE!

I have also been trying to grow my hair out..but that has been a super slow process. I havnt cut it since the beginning of September...but i really cant see a difference. LOL

My weight has been up and down and up and down all summer. I have not written since July because I had a seizure and had my license taken and I have just been trying to find a schedule and a balance in my life that works with me and my kids. I have had seizures off and on since i was 16. 5 of them in total and this is the 2nd time my license was taken. Probably not getting it back. (My choice, and doctors suggestion) because of my kids. My disorder is called breakthrough seizure disorder.
A breakthrough seizure is an epileptic seizure that occurs, despite the use of anticonvulsants that have otherwise successfully prevented seizures in the patient. Breakthrough seizures may be more dangerous than non-breakthrough seizures because they may be less expected by the patient, who already considered him/herself free from seizures and therefore, not take any precautions.
Epileptics with a higher intensity of seizures are more likely to suffer from a breakthrough seizure.
Often when a breakthrough seizure occurs in a person whose seizures have always been well-controlled, there is a new underlying cause to the seizure. (My seizures are caused by stress and pain my doctor said)
So I am now on 2 diffrent meds and trying to get around with 4 kids and no car. LOL

At first I let this situation become a reason to not count my points and not care what i ate and stress eat. OH YES!!! I forgot...during all of this fun stuff...i was also taken off my depression medications and ADD meds. (If you have watched my youtube videos you know about that) BECAUSE, I have been having issues for about 10 years with my medications. They work, they dont. Im crazy. Im up. Im done. I go on the meds. I take myself off cause they dont work..bla bla bla. Wellll, finally my doctor decided to look up where i was diagnosed (I told him i had seen 4 physiotherapists over the course of 2 yrs and was diagnosed clinical depressed 11 yrs ago) WELL NO I WASNT> LOL I had misunderstood ( I was only 18 at the time) and I was diagnosed MANIC DEPRESSIVE. Which is Bi polar disorder.  Yaaaaa........ As much as I HATE to admit it. It made sense and after getting off the meds that were doing more harm then helping and getting on better ones. I feel so much better. *SIGH*

So...that was my summer. I have my 2 dream jobs. I had 2 health issues, that at first dragged me down...and  I gained 20 lbs...Yes I did. BUT then I stood up, and took my life back and as of this morning i am 179.8lbs. Weight watcher goal is 176lbs So I am almost there. LOL Everyday i have to make a choice not to let things drag me down. This is for life.

I HAD MY 2 YEAR WEIGHT WATCHER ANNIVERSARY ON AUGUST 31,2011 STILL MAINTAING MY LOSS OF 110LBS ON WW. But, I am giving myself credit for ALL my weight lost now, whether on WW or not. SO from 317lb....I have lost 137.4lbs *HAPPY DANCE*

 Also I reconnected with my best friend over the Summer and we are closer then EVER! Im so happy to have a friend like her. AND, she has lost 58lbs since April 6, 2011 (My bday) LOL YAY, MICHELLE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Thanks for the support!!!!